Impano Academy Rwanda Inc. is a non-profit amateur sports organization established in 2016 based in Kigali, Rwanda designed to promote the sport of track and field by offering professional sports coaching, guidance, and education to Rwandan potential athletes in underdeveloped communities. We travel around the country carefully testing prospective student-athletes in collaboration with local clubs, teams, and the national federation.

We train local coaches to identify talent, select the best sporting youth, and develop them into future champions. They offer sports camps and clinics for all athletes to learn from the best coaches and encourage participation in sports. We believe in the potential of sports as it plays a key role in personal, community, national and international development objectives.

As an emerging non-profit, Impano’s programs each target different focus areas. The unifying purpose of this outreach is to encourage the growth of sports (track and field) participation in Rwanda as a way to cultivate personal, community, national, and international development objectives.

The Elite Football
October 21, 2022